Electric Mountain Bike rental service

Regarding E-BIKE Bettini


With E-BIKE Bettini you can rent pedal assisted mountain bikes and enjoy the beautiful Valtellina.

  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Lots of suggested routes


The battery life of a mountain e-bike depends on many factors. Our batteries are lithium-ion batteries, so they last longer than lead-acid batteries. The duration depends on the type of terrain, the weight of the pilot and the level of assistance that you set.

There is no danger: they are mountain bikes with pedal assistance thanks to an electric motor. You choose to speed go: the one that allow your legs! If you do not pedal, you'll stay still.

Our e-bikes have a Bosch Performance engine that allows you to ride freely even without the aid of a battery. It will be a bit more tiring, but you'll make it!

Do not worry, on our site there are various suggested routes. We also recommend that you download the Valtellina Outdoor application on your smartphone where you can find various itineraries suited to your skill level.

Passo dello Stelvio (from Bormio)

Passo Gavia (from Bormio)

Passo Mortirolo (from Grosio)

Passo Santa Cristina

Passo Aprica (from Tresenda)

Passo Bernina

Sentiero Valtellina

Pricing table

All day

  1. All day - 50 €

All day

  1. All day August tariff - 60 €

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Email: info@bettinivaltellina.it
Web: www.bettinivaltellina.it

Address: Via XXV Aprile 10
23030 Sernio, Sondrio

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